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Kristen & Reid Ewen

One of our favourite parts of our engagement and wedding was having Deb Ash as our marriage commissioner and premarital counsellor. Her gentle and tentative approach helped create an environment where we felt safe, secure, and heard by each other. Deb helped facilitate conversations that we believe prepared us to walk down the aisle. As a counsellor myself I will be the first to admit that I am not the easiest client, however Deb’s warm and welcoming presence made it easy to trust and open up. My husband, who had never attended any type of counselling before, often speaks of the tools we gained during our time with Deb. We still use the suggestions she gave us in our daily lives. Not only did she play a crucial role in preparing us for marriage, she took the time to get to know us both as a couple and individuals. This allowed her to officiate a personal and heart felt ceremony that captured the essence of who we both are. I recommend Deb to anyone searching for a marriage commissioner, and I strongly encourage premarital counselling with her as well. We are so thankful for her!

Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge

Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
Deb Ash is one of the most compassionate people I know.  Her kind and gentle spirit shines through her eyes in every moment you engage with her.  Her gaze tells you: "you are important, you are beautiful, you matter".  She listens to you with her whole heart.  The support she offers is loving.  She gently guides you towards your own place of wisdom within and to reconnect you with the magic and wonder of the Spirit, God, that fills us all.  She is a cherished gift and her presence in my life challenges me to become the best, most authentic and loving person I can be.

Dr. Axel Schoeber

Former Professor : Carey Theological College

I have had the privilege of knowing, teaching and supervising Deb as a student for over four years. She showed herself to be very astute in her interpersonal skills, disarming potential conflict, guiding with wisdom those who sought her input, and modelling high support to those in distress. I certainly commend her abilities and experience. I am very supportive of Deb and her abilities and the work she is now doing.

Joel & Nicole Hunter

Not only were we blessed and lucky enough to be married by Deb, we also got to attend some pre-marital classes with her as well. It was at these classes that Deb became one of our favourite people. Her kind and non-judgemental demeanour, her encouragement and wisdom make her a truly amazing woman and counsellor. She was able to open us up, and always made sure we felt like we were in a safe environment to talk freely. The exercises and sessions we had benefitted us prior to our wedding and continue to do so throughout our marriage. We remember to take time each day to appreciate, accept and love one another for our differences and similarities - with much thanks to Deb. 

Rev. Dr. Cam Yates

Former Vice-President of Administration and Professor: Carey Theological College, Pastor, Facilitator of Formative Spirituality Retreats

I have known Deb for many years in my capacity as professor, retreat facilitator, and friend. Her exuberant heart, quiet joyfulness, care for and love of others are clearly rooted in her depth of spiritual maturity. Quiet  presence, attentive listening, respect, and spiritual companionship are but a few of the gifts she offers to all in this most valuable of disciplines, "soul care." I am witness to the reality that Deb lives in the wonder of the Buechner quote appearing on her Home page, ... all moments are key moments and life itself is grace.  Deb is among the best of companions for all who seek to journey into such grace.

Arine Roszell

I recently had the privilege of attending a spiritual retreat focusing on creativity that was led by Deb. It was a meaningful, thought provoking experience. Deb is supportive, caring, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. The retreat reflected her attention to detail, her desire to help others grow, and her heart for people.  I would love to take part in a retreat led by Deb again!  She is a wonderful group leader with a love for others that shows clearly in all that she does.   

Rev. Judith Tod

It is an honour and a responsibility to endorse a person's work. It really rests upon the integrity, training and experience of the person, and on all counts I have complete confidence in Deb Ash. Spirit lives within and shines forth from this wise woman who will receive you with compassion and understanding, seasoned with common sense and deep faith.



Kind words can be short

and easy to speak

but their echoes are truly endless.

~Mother Theresa~

Adult Students

Deb Ash was with our mother and our family in the last few months of Mom's life. Deb was always there for anyone of us in need and has the most calming, caring, loving way about her.

Deb is full of compassion and was so able to guide our Mom through her next journey.

It was a difficult time for us all, however having Deb by our sides, and I mean 'truly' by our sides, made this a beautiful journey for our mother as well as for our family. Authentic in her love of God and all of mankind is what she truly radiates.

Dr. Barbara Mutch
Consulting Director, Accreditation and Institutional  Evaluation:
Association of Theological Schools

Deb is a person of wisdom, compassion and deep Christian maturity. With Deb you will find warm welcome, skillful spiritual companionship and practical insights for daily living. I highly recommend her services to you.

Major Carolyn Doonan

I met Deb during our mutual time

of post-graduate studies,

we instantly made a connection

that will last a lifetime. It has not been a surprise to discover that

Deb develops this same type of

relationship with many.

She is just that type of person - caring, genuine bright, discerning, wise, loving, fun, gifted, well-rounded, deeply spiritual, and real. 

I'm sure you get it ... in a nutshell, Deb is someone that

adds value to life.

If you have the opportunity to journey with her, through the services she provides,

I encourage you to do so.

It may be one of the most valuable lifetime decisions that you make.

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