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Individual Counsel

Regular time for reflection and exploration of emotions is offered through individualized one on one counsel. In times of grief, life transitions, major decisions, relational difficulty, or wanting to deal with the effects of the past are some of the times when individual counsel is required.


Attention is given to better understanding the past and learning to be fully attentive to the present. Counsel is provided in a caring and safe environment.

Couple Counsel

Couple counsel helps to determine the particular dynamic of a relationship. It helps to identify areas of strain, which stress a partnership, and areas of strength, which bring mutual joy. Clients are encouraged to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of the union, and honour the authentic self of the other. Pre-marital counsel prior to marriage ensures a healthy foundation for a union, and marriage counsel provides ongoing support.

.SoulCare options are offered virtually online.

the beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves  

and not to twist them to fit our own image  

otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves in them

~ Thomas Merton: Trappist Monk ~   

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