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Rock Maze

.Soul Care


To provide soul care is to attend to the needs of your soul

~ and to teach you to attend to your soul. ~ 


Our lives are storied. 

The goal of .SoulCare is to help you pay attention to your own story 

and to understand how the details of your story impact your way of being. 


It is to comprehend your story 

within in the parameters

of the Divine Great story. 

Understanding both who you are

as a unique individual

and how your story fits into the grander scheme of things.


You are invited into the process of transformation 

that you might function from the authentic self

~ the 'you' at the essence of your being. ~

.SoulCare options are offered virtually online.

Click on the 'Spiritual Direction' or 'Counsel' tab for more information.


Let us come alive

to the splendor that is all around us 

and see the beauty in ordinary things.

~ Thomas Merton ~

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