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Spiritual Direction 

      ... is a contemplative practice of exploring a deeper relationship with spirituality. 

It is to retreat from the business of life, to a safe and inviting environment, and to become still.


In that stillness, you are invited to pay attention,

and to notice things from ordinary life that busy schedules and demands often drown out. 

Ordinary things from day to day experiences.

Things such as a particular joy, a held sorrow,

an unnamed gnawing, your heart's longings,

your desire to encounter God.


Spiritual practices help you learn to become

mindful and aware

of what God is already doing in your life

and to delight in it.

Spiritual Direction is not Counselling.

Rather, it is skilled Spiritual Companionship

which leads you in attentive listening

and spiritual practices.

It is a time honoured tradition 

dating back to the Hebrew Scriptures.

.SoulCare options are offered virtually online.



We are trying to hear more clearly the whisper of God in the gentle breezes of life.

~ Joan Chittister, OSB ~

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